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The Advent of Christmas – 6pm ET, Dec. 4th, 2022

The Advent of Christmas – 3pm ET, Dec. 4th, 2022

Passionate – Summer Theatre Camp Showcase 2022

Passion: The Musical

The Advent of Christmas

The One Story

Esther Summer Theatre Camp Performance

Piercing Word Presents: Parables of Jesus

Piercing Word Presents: Jonah, James & Ruth

2020 Summer Camp Live Stream

The Book of Titus

Romans Pt. 4 (chapters 13-16)

Romans Pt. 3 (9-12)

The Book of Colossians

Highlights of the Greece Tour (Aaron & Emily House)

Kids Night! (Jonah & Love Your Neighbor)

Redemption in Three Parts

1 Peter

Highlights of the Israel Tour (Ben & Adelina Wenger)

The Book of James

An Evening in the Psalms

Romans 5-8

Romans 1-4

Sermon on the Mount: The Monologue

The Book of Philippians

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