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We encourage you to visit our partners’ pages to learn how they can support you.

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Live church seminar events and ministries to help Christians establish a Biblical framework for everyday financial decisions.

Scripture Memory Fellowship exists to help Christians plant the Word deep in their hearts. They have a 70-year track record of helping memorizers of all ages.  Visit to purchase items to assist you in your journey or to download other free resources for you to read, watch, and use.

Providing quality domestic and international group tours that include a mix of historical, cultural, scenic and spiritual insights for your enjoyment.

Pilgrim Tours’ goal is to provide you with a worry-free, well-planned schedule resulting in wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Westminster Theological Seminary is committed to Scripture and to the systematic exposition of biblical truth reflected in the Reformed tradition. These commitments undergird each degree program we offer. Through online and in-person opportunities for fellowship, prayer, and worship, Westminster aims to help you grow in spiritual maturity, Christ-like character, and servant leadership.

CMTS Ministries has been dedicated to serving missionaries for 40+ years. We offer support through a variety of technical aspects, including providing vehicles for missionaries, acquiring materials for local, domestic, or overseas missions, and organizing short-term mission trips.

Bible Memory Goal offers inspiration, encouragement, and creative techniques for memorizing Scripture. New videos are posted every week on their YouTube channel and they host an active community of believers all over the world who gather online to motivate each other toward the goal of memorizing extended portions of the Bible.