Who We Are

Piercing Word is a group of theatre professionals who are passionate about coming alongside Christian Leaders to help them artistically engage their people with the Word of God. We perform Scripture in dramatic and musical productions that are word-for-word from the Bible and we equip the Church in the art of Bible memorization through our Warriors of the Word resources. We are a full-time, non-profit, theatre ministry based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, touring across the country at churches, conferences, colleges, special events and more. Contact our team to see what Scripture Performances we have available that could complement your service or event today!

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Mission and Vision

We seek to ignite passion for the Word of God in the heart of the Church. We do this by engaging people with live Scripture Performances, challenging everyone to memorize God’s Word for themselves, and equipping the Church with resources for Bible memorization and study.

Piercing Word Values

The Word of God

We believe God speaks through His Word.  This is why all of our live Scripture performances are word-for-word from the Bible.  We seek to always be true to the Biblical intent of the passages through proper Bible study and exegesis.

The Local Church

We believe the local Church is God’s design for cultivating spiritual growth.  This is why we strive to come alongside Christian leaders in engaging, encouraging, and equipping the people of God.


We believe that God has given creativity and storytelling as powerful tools for ministry.  This is why we strive to always use artistic excellence in highlighting the truths of God’s Word in relatable ways. 


We believe that we are ordinary people connecting others to an extraordinary God.  This is why we strive to do everything with humility and authenticity for the glory of God.

Spiritual Growth

We believe that all Christians should be growing more and more into the image of Christ. This is why we strive to encourage everyone, everywhere we go, to take intentional next steps in cultivating their walk with God. We also strive to equip the Church and individuals with resources to aid in the memorization and study of God’s Word.

Meet Our Team!

Our Staff

Aaron House
Executive Director
Caleb Hughes
Artistic Director
Katie Moser
Production Manager
Dan Lehning
Operations Manager
Craig Hughes
Bookings Director
Lexi Fisher
Admin Assistant
Leanne Porterfield
Executive Assistant
Katie Brokaw
Audio & Production Technician

Our Board of Directors

Aaron House
Cliff House
Vice President
Glenn House
Mark and Helene Hoffman
Member and Secretary
Roy Russell
Nathanael Waite
Emily House
Michael Lapham
Peggy House

“Piercing Word has opened up the Scriptures to me in a new and exciting way!”

Genita Limpke, Parkway Baptist Church, Bardstown, KY

“You will gain a true inspiring new look at scripture”

James L. Horning, Crossfire Youth Ministries

“I was totally blown away”

Deryl Hurst, DOVE Westgate Church, Ephrata, PA

“I would encourage any church to consider hosting this ministry!”

Will Thompson, First Baptist Church, Arkadelphia, AR