Bible Memorization Workshops

Our Bible Memorization Workshops help people of all ages replace boring memorization habits with fun-filled, life-giving spiritual discipline.  Workshop participants will learn how to use their strongest learning styles to their advantage and discover how to memorize scripture faster, retain it longer, and have fun while they do it! Bring a Piercing Word Memorization Workshop to your church or event and experience God’s Word in a whole new way!

Thank you so much for taking the time to come teach us new techniques for hiding God’s word in our heart. Your passion and joy in memorizing scripture is evident and contagious.

Anna Fillgrove, Calvary Church
Only through memorizing and quoting scripture have I been able to have substantial peace that comes without an explanation.
Victoria Glick, Piercing Word Intern

You showed me how to read scripture dramatically, and that changed the way I read the Bible aloud to my own children.

Anna Tillinghast