Next Steps

We don’t just perform Scripture. We challenge everyone to take their personal Next Step in Bible memorization and study. Here are some Next Step Resources to help you dive deeper into God’s Word either on your own or with a group.

Discussion Questions & Memorization Challenges

These one-page PDFs include discussion questions and Bible memorization challenges about the passages our Scripture Performances are based on.  Use them to engage more deeply with God’s Word on your own, with your family or in your small group!

Warriors of the Word

Do you want to begin memorizing the Bible, but need some help getting started?  First, attend one of our Bible Memorization Workshops in person (click here for our Upcoming Events Page) or check out our Live Stream Page for the online version.  Then, use this worksheet to walk through the steps of creating your own, personalized Bible Memorization Plan.  There is no better way to dig deeply into God’s Word than to hide it in your heart.